Best Handgun

Best handgun. Best caliber. Best pistol to conceal. All are critical questions. All are questions asked daily by thousands of individuals.

The underlying question of best handgun turns to that of best caliber, as due to the numerous gun makers and models in each caliber, the best caliber must be determined and then the best make and model can be selected from that point to determine the best handgun.

The .45 was the pistol caliber of choice through 2 World Wars. Then in 1985, the 9mm pistol became the pistol caliber of choice for the U.S. military and many U.S. Police departments. In the 1990s the FBI and a majority of police departments converted to the .40 pistol after several high profile shootings wherein it was determined that the then current 9mm cartridge did not have enough power to get the job done.

However, after roughly 20-25 years of relying on the .40 cartridge, the FBI and countless police departments have now determined that due to advancements in cartridge creation, the 9mm round is powerful and competent enough to be the go-to round for their departments, and are thus returning to using the 9mm cartridge.

The 9mm cartridge therefore appears to have won the “best” caliber question/contest. The question now becomes: “Which is the best 9mm pistol?” To further aide in this inquiry, a second question should be: “Which pistol is the best to conceal?”

Factors in deciding which is the best handgun, best 9mm pistol to conceal should be the following:

-Which handgun allows the shooter the greatest ease and comfort of use?

-Which handgun provides the shooter the greatest accuracy?

-Which pistol is easiest to conceal, and therefore is most likely to be carried at all times and in all legal locations?

Here are my selections for “best handgun”. You’ll notice that they are chambered in the 9mm cartridge, and thus could appropriately be titled “best 9mm pistol”. This was due to the multitude of agencies whose jobs and well-being switching to the 9mm pistol.

SigSauer p229 9mm. All-around winner, “Best Handgun”. Weight and size built for .40 round, which simply provides reduced recoil and pistol rise in the 9mm caliber. It has a great size with which to conceal daily and nearly everywhere.

SigSauer p938. Best 9mm pistol to conceal. One of the smallest 9mm pistols available. Metal frame helps provide the weight and stability to counter the snappiness of the round being fired from such a short barrel and little frame.

There you have it, the best handgun aka the best 9mm pistol, is made by SigSauer. The question simply then becomes do you buy for best all around, or the best 9mm pistol to conceal? The answer to that question determines whether you purchase as your best handgun the SigSauer p229 or p938, both of which are excellent firearms. I couldn’t own both.

p229 p938